Financial opportunities
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Financial opportunities


Financial opportunities for Latin America

Business opportunities in Brazil driven by Galileo

March 31, 2022

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About the event

The Galileo Information Center in Brazil (GIC-Br) aims to raise awareness of Galileo – the European GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).


The Centre, established and funded by the European Commission/DG-DEFIS, supports a preferred entry point for Brazilian stakeholders (industry and services), to establish partnerships and explore the wide range of GNSS applications made possible by Galileo.


As part of its activities, the GIC-Br invites entrepreneurs, regulatory authorities, researchers and representatives of development agencies to participate in the Working Group “Business and Financial Opportunities for Latin America”. This meeting will bring companies, developers and financiers, both Brazilian and European, and great specialists in the use of Galileo EGNSS technology into direct contact.


This activity is organized in coordination with the three Galileo Information Centers in Latin America (GIC Brazil, GIC Chile and GIC Mexico) and aims to promote cooperation and collaboration between Latin America and Europe, in projects based on Galileo applications and EGNOS that can generate new business opportunities in innovative economic sectors in Latin America.