The European GNSS Service Centre (GSC)
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The European GNSS Service Centre (GSC)

The European GNSS Service Centre (GSC)

The GSC has been conceived as the official Galileo Service Center, defined from its origin as the single interface between the Galileo user community and the Galileo Service provider, the European Satellite Navigation Agency (GSA).

The GSC is responsible for the provision of additional value-added services to the signal in space (SiS) transmitted through the Galileo satellite constellation. Please click on the following link to access the official website of the GSC

What kind of services are offered?


  • Updated information on the Galileo satellite constellation and the operational status of each of the satellites, including a description of the orbital and technical parameters of each of the constellation satellites. Regarding the Galileo / SAR service, the user also has the operational status of the FLS (Forward Link Service) and RLS (Return Link Service) services of the service, as well as a complete description of all the elements that make this service possible (SAR Payloads, Reference beacons, Galileo SAR Server). Finally, users can access both the notification notifications for active Galileo or NAGUS (Notice Advisory to Galileo Users) users and those that have already been archived.


  • Description of the market and applications of the European GNSS systems (EGNSS – European GNSS), Galileo and EGNOS, including the main user requirements regarding the services of these systems. On the other hand, the user can access the GNSS value chain and the main actors that are part of it, as well as the applications that Galileo and EGNOS make possible in the different segments (aviation, maritime, rail …). Finally, the GSC offers a list of the main projects managed by the GSA for the development and adoption of Galileo in each of the aforementioned segments.


  • Access to Galileo products such as Almanacs (other additional products in the future)



In addition to the above services, the GSC makes the Helpdesk service available to registered users, both for general inquiries and for reporting incidents of the Galileo signal and requesting products on demand.

How to contact and get support from the GSC?

Please contact the GSC, either as a registered user * through the GSC Helpdesk, or via email at the following email

(*) Through the following link you can complete the registration process. The registration also offers you access to other additional services (newsletter, notification of publication of NAGUs, products …)